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Hello Fellow Residents, my name is Valerie Bradford and I am running for a seat on the Board of Directors of the SCV Water Agency, District 2.  My husband and I have lived in Santa Clarita for 15 years and we still love it as much as we did the day we moved in.  I am running for this position because much has changed over those 15 years.  The population of Santa Clarita has grown and become more diverse, and new housing development has and continues to drastically change the landscape.  All of these changes can and do impact our water supply in major ways.


CLEAN WATER is essential for healthy, strong growth.  SCV Water Agency must remain committed to providing high quality water to all customers.  Manmade  contaminants were discovered in multiple wells that process our groundwater causing them to be shut down earlier this year. 

I will fight to make sure customers are the top priority when it comes to cleanup and water-quality testing standards.


 AFFORDABLE WATER for Santa Clarita Valley residents is threatened every time a new development is proposed.  We currently have eight new developer projects totaling over 2,000+ new homes and a Hotel & Resort under review by the  Board…all while water and property tax rates continue to rise. 

 I promise to be the voice of the people when decisions are made that affect our water rates.


SUSTAINABLE WATER is not in limitless supply and water conservation is a must as our valley grows exponentially.  But water supply consideration is not only our responsibility, new project developers need to be held equally accountable. Long-term water supply for current residents must be given priority during the new development consideration process. 


I will fight to make sure water supplies for current residents is SCV Water Agency’s number one concern.



WATER EDUCATION is key to consumers understanding the facts and effects surrounding their water use and becoming more informed and responsible consumers.  Santa Clarita Valley water comes from four sources and consumers benefit from knowing this information and more. 

I vow to increase the flow of information and education to the residents of SCV.


When elected, I will represent You and Your water concerns.  I want to hear from you today.  Contact me on this site and let me know what your water issues are so I can get to work for you.

Valerie Bradford for SCV Water 2020

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